SoCalBobS. August Joint Winner. Captured T-90

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SoCalBobS. August Joint Winner. Captured T-90

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SoCalBobS August Joint Winner.

1/16th Captured T-90

This is a Heng Long T-90, with markings indicating it has been captured by Ukrainian forces. The idea for the markings were taken from photos of the real tanks, they are spontaneous and ad hoc, therefore he placed them using calculated guesswork, where they'd be useful.
It's pretty much a stock tank, with some re-wiring to allow the "red eyes" to be controlled independently.
Bob noticed that nearly every photo he looked at showed the tanks to be more dusty than muddy, therefore he modelled that effect.

Sadly no build thread.
sT-90 14.JPG
sT-90 08.jpg
sT-90 09.jpg
sT-90 12.JPG

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