photos of work men on Tiger Tanks

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Postby STEWART763 » Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:38 pm

working 02

working 01
tumblr_oga8sixS9J1uh80vpo1_540.jpg (49.75 KiB) Viewed 256 times

crew 1
tumblr_nko2btIBuO1spfzgqo1_540.jpg (92.78 KiB) Viewed 256 times

the last time I looked on the forum some one was looking for photographs of Tank crews etc

here are a few I found for him if I have them in the right place :)

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Postby c.rainford73 » Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:41 pm

Very cool photos.
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Postby 43rdRecceReg » Fri Nov 18, 2016 3:20 pm

Plenty more to be found if you google: "Tiger 1 mechanics', or, 'Tiger 1 maintenance'..or related search terms.Check Pinterest too. :thumbup:
Here's a few more..taken long before Nanny State Health and Safety strictures kicked in :haha: :haha:

Tiger 1 Mechanics-3.jpg
Desperate Heinrich searches for his Haynes reassembly manual...
Tiger 1 mechanics-2.jpg
Trying to retrieve Commandant Tiger reversed over
Tiger 1 mechanics-2.jpg (84.62 KiB) Viewed 236 times
Tiger 1 mechanics-1.jpg
Roll out zer barrel
Tiger 1 mechanics-1.jpg (69.82 KiB) Viewed 236 times
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Postby Tiggr » Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:08 pm

Great photos. Will have a search on those later
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