lmcq11. August Joint Winner. Bundeswehr GTK Boxer

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lmcq11. August Joint Winner. Bundeswehr GTK Boxer

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lmcq11 (With Model Builder 4) August Joint Winner.

1/16th Bundeswehr GTK Boxer.

Here we have a modern Bundeswehr GTK Boxer wheeled 8x8 Armored Fighting Vehicle. This is based on a highly modified and improved Ludwigs plasticard base kit. The model has the following features;

- All wheel drive 8 x 8 running train designed using WL A979 buggy components with metal upgrades
- 1/10 SCX10 Axial metal gearbox with 540 motor
- Steering on first two axles
- Clark TK40 control board
- FLW200 weapon station with Browning M2 was given rotation, elevation, flash and sound.
- Tamiya Browning M2 with Aber/Master upgrades and LED
- Servo opening/closing rear ramp
- Headlights/tail lights
- Camo for Bundeswehr Afghanistan mission done using MIG Ammo paint.

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