Turret stowage bin

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Turret stowage bin

Post by Kaczor »

As everybody knows HL Panzer III turret stowage bin is way oversized to fit airsoft mechanism. I would like to to change it for more proper size. Did anybody of you use "Rommel" bin?

https://www.rctank.de/Panzer-III-IV-Rom ... pening-lid
https://www.asiatam.de/product_info.php ... -1-16.html
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Re: Turret stowage bin

Post by jarndice »

Hi, I bought one from www.forgebeartanks.com
for a Panzer4 it being good for both the PZ111 and the PZ4,
I looked closely at the turret construction of a Taigen and a Heng Long PZ4 and decided to put it in my "Copy someone else's work box". :/
So if you do decide to do the conversion I shall be watching you very closely indeed. :thumbup: :haha:
I think I am about to upset someone :haha:
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