Panther G loose tracks assistance requested

Fixes and mods for the HL Panther G
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Re: Panther G loose tracks assistance requested

Post by Ecam »

From Wikipedia:

JIS B 1012
Phillips II
Frearson / Reed & Prince
French recess

In the states the two I was aware of was the Phillips and Reed & Prince (though I have heard of Posi drive but I thought it a brand name).

But I agree with Bix, the biggest that fits the hole is best for all those HL screws.
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Re: Panther G loose tracks assistance requested

Post by michaelwhittmann »

I appreciate everyone's advice.

But I thought I would mess it up; so I went another route.

I tapped out the pins and removed a track link on each side.
Then I re-pinned the ends back together.

Not perfect but it's much better and quieter.

I actually kinda proud of myself.

I'm getting more adventurous in tank fixin.

thx to all.
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Re: Panther G loose tracks assistance requested

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Way to go, michaelwhittmann! Yes, each little step of learning (and I sure do take short steps) is gratifying. Then, too, I wonder if "French recess" with the girls would have been fun in eighth grade. :O ;)
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