1/18 Major Sternwheeler Kit

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1/18 Major Sternwheeler Kit

Post by Xiaoshan_Sailor »

Do we have anyone here who is into sternwheelers? I helped develop a 1/18 scale Major towboat kit with a local model boat supplier where I live, mainly to get one for myself. Am not actively selling these but did send the initial run to some folks in the States who were impressed with the kit.

There's a thread over on the RC Groups Dock Talk forum that shows many photos of both the kit & initial build. It's currently available for sale on Aliexpress but if anyone would have interest, feel free to post here for more details.
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Re: 1/18 Major Sternwheeler Kit

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Could be an interesting basis for conversion to a riverine ironclad or Ram.
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Re: 1/18 Major Sternwheeler Kit

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Xiaoshan_Sailor: Ignoramus here, is that a type of river boat used for pushing barges?
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