Star Wars filming miniatures replica

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Re: Star Wars filming miniatures replica

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HERMAN BIX wrote: Fri Nov 10, 2023 7:09 am Mr Tox your work is both astonishing as it is a Hyperdrive through time where I too went to see the first release ( partIV) at EVERY session that first day in New Zealand.
Ive seen part 4 13 times just in movie theatres, countless on VHS etc since, and I could recite the ENTIRE script for all characters without fault for years ...........
I had a 24 inch tall Darth Vader in the box unopened( wish i still had that) and his T.I.E. (Twin Ion Engine) fighter from Monogram (wish I still had that too) and a Monogram X-Wing with R2D2 in behind the cockpit ......................(no loss Im not a Skywalker guy)
They lost me with the teddy bears knocking out Stormtroopers :problem:
Thanks Herman, Im glad to see there are some other nerds around ! :thumbup: :thumbup:

You know the ILM modelmaker used the wings of Vader's TIE kit to make the wing of the TIE Bombers filmining mini ? They also used a lot of the MPC/Monogram X-Wings for the final battle of Return of the Jedi (for background).
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