1/16 Flak 36 88mm with SD.Anh.202 Axles SALE

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1/16 Flak 36 88mm with SD.Anh.202 Axles SALE


Some photos of the latest 2 Flak 36 with SD.Anh.202 axles
I think these are build No. 21+22 and are now up for sale(not sure we are going to be making much more of these as we have alot of other designs to bring to reality)



This is a large model of the 88mm, when put next to a 1/18 Merit/21st century toys unit it absolutely dwarfs them.

Some small upgrades have been made to these using more and more resin parts to help finish off details.

The Gun can elevate, traverse, barrel moved backwards, breach opened, viewing hatch opens, gunners seat folds down.
The axles can be removed from the gun unit and the legs can be deployed and the feet are also height adjustable to level on uneven terrain
The axles steer and can also be setup with a rear steering servo to make steering alot more manoeuvrable
The leaf springs in the axle units are designed to work aswell and the wheels are mounted on proper bearings so they should give a long durability when being towed

If you dont want the axles the gun unit can be sold without the axles for a discounted price

The Guns & Axles retail normally at £280, however we will be offering these for sale for a special price of £250 for the run up to Christmas
If you wish the gun only let us know and we can price accordingly

We are hoping the proceeds of these sales will go towards building some new 1/16 & 1/6 models we have in development for 2024
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Re: 1/16 Flak 36 88mm with SD.Anh.202 Axles SALE

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