Taigen Tiger IV metal HC won't start

This board contains easy-to-do fixes on your new tanks from stock. This will hopefully help beginners to get the accuracy they want from their models.

Postby GenWileE » Sun Aug 08, 2021 9:04 pm

I just bought a Taigen Tiger IV metal HC but I can get it to start. Headlights just flash. Did the start procedure and even went through the remote linking procedure. Still nothing. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Postby Jofaur86 » Sun Aug 08, 2021 9:58 pm

:D Good evening, is the battery well charged 8O there may be enough current for the headlights and not enough for the whole tank !!! is your transmitter paired (bind) with the electronics? apart from the headlights? nothing else happening?
is it a BB or Infra Red battle system? possible photos together material?

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