Sprockets and Idlers - swap Panzer IV for III

If you have something you would like to swap for something else, please post it here! (with full details!)

Postby SimonCornes » Wed Apr 21, 2021 5:44 pm

That sounds cryptic but I have just acquired a Heng Long Panzer III with metal sprockets, idlers and tracks. Today I realised that the sprockets and idlers were for a Panzer IV !
From previous correspondence with the seller - who neglected to include a battery charger for the Li-Ion 7.4v battery - I am adamant that he won't accept that he advertised the tank incorrectly - its my fault, I should have realised that the sprockets and idlers were wrong, silly me - and he tells me that he's an honourable gentleman with hundreds of happy purchasers. (Do you detect a degree of venom?!!)

So, I have a set of Heng Long sprockets and idlers for a Panzer IV that I'd like to swap for a set of HL sprockets and idlers for a Panzer III. At least the tracks are the same so I'm okay there!

If you can help, please message me,

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