Lindberg 1/32nd PT 109...

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Lindberg 1/32nd PT 109...

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Hi All,
Well as the title says.I have just got hold of a new Lindberg 1/32nd PT 109 boat.What I want to do is get rid of all kit parts for the electronic side of the build. And fit all new stuff!!!. The kit comes with only one motor(very small one) that drives though gear wheels to two props!. I want to fit two 540 motors and upgrade the plastic rudders and props. So has anyone here built the boat?? and upgraded it??.I would like a list of parts I might need if this is possible?. I am at the moment building the Hooben Perkasa 1/32nd vosper F.P.B. That's coming along very well so far!!!. My 1/200th Hood is in dry dock as I'm waiting for my Pontos upgrade set to get here. So lots on the go at the moment :crazy: . So any info you may have for me would be fantastic. Many thanks in advance. Brian...
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Re: Lindberg 1/32nd PT 109...

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Great movie for some PT boat footage (and one of my favorites) is "They were expendable". Black and white, though I remember a colorized version too. Three modified for marine use Packard aircraft V12's and three props. Dumas has a whole line of boat hardware. I remember a single unit motor, gear reduction, shaft. packing tube and prop assembly.

I have built the kit a couple times (first time was probably over thirty years ago). I did RC the last one but used the supplied motor and drive train. It was fine for running in the pool but was under powered. If I were to do it again I would add weight and power/speed. I like the kit, large and ready for detailing.
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Re: Lindberg 1/32nd PT 109...

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Here's a link (from 2003) with some pretty good hints at what others did with the kit: ... 109-a.html
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