Yamato- Most massive model ship in the World

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Yamato- Most massive model ship in the World

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Admiring Tom's submarine models, led to me idly checking model boats and ships out on the net. Then I chanced upon this widescreen wonder: a 1/10 scale (?) model of the Yamato :O I wonder how many Li-Pos, and what sort of ESC you'd need to get this beast underway!! :
Imagine this in your man-cave!
Imagine this in your man-cave!
Yamato- World's largest model ship.jpg (88.23 KiB) Viewed 3108 times
Having wondered how Jeman would get his 19 stone bruiser- the Mark 1 Crusader (1/16 scale) into his car..or living room.. how would he, or anyone, cope with this!? :haha: :haha: :
You could cruise the Norfolk Broads in this..
You could cruise the Norfolk Broads in this..
Yamato.jpg (50.57 KiB) Viewed 3108 times
The link for the Kure Museum is:
http://survincity.com/2012/10/yamato-mu ... of-a-ship/
Meantime, I also found a really useful account of model electronics for beginners (and above) in the Model Boat magazine. The article is called "But, I don't understand electronics!". It covers, ESCs, motors (pros and cons of available types..); batteries; switches; lights; smokers..and much more.. it even covers the turret; albeit the warship version. The article also has lots of approachable diagrams (for the not so 'technical' :eh: ), and neat illustrations. Much of this should be of interest for people new to model tanking too...er, or could be.. :think:
http://www.modelboats.co.uk/news/articl ... nics/18054
Starter pack for the electronically challenged!
Starter pack for the electronically challenged!
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Re: Yamato- Most massive model ship in the World

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We were on a Japan tour last year, and I got to sneak away from the crowd to go to Kure to see the museum. Along with this 1/10 model, there were several smaller models of the Yamato in glass cases around the museum, and a large room full of displays of artifacts from the ship, as well as historical displays of the ship and crew. The museum was about a 5-minute walk on an elevated walkway from the train station, (with lots of signs & banners to guide you there), and admission price was very reasonable. Kure is only a half-hour train ride from Hiroshima, which is a popular destination on tours.

On thing I never expected to see was an actual submarine across the street at the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force Museum. It was completely out of the water and supported on stands - like some giant 1-to-1 scale model! Very impressive, and although I really wanted to go into that museum as well; I didn't have enough time. Link to the museum (with a picture of the sub) is here: https://www.jmsdf-kure-museum.go.jp/en/

If you ever go to Japan, try to get to Kure - for people who deal with a lot of scale details on our tanks; the efforts that went into building this model are just a joy to behold! WELL worth a visit. -Mike
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