USS Arizona

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Postby DallasMVeneto » Sun May 03, 2015 9:39 pm

(sorry if the picture is not good i did not have a good camera at the time)
USS Arizona was a Pennsylvania class- battleship. She was commissioned in 1916 but stayed along the shorelines of the USA. She was modernized in the following years of 1929- 1931 and was stationed in Pearl Harbor 1940 from California. Of course we either do or do not know that Arizona was sank by IJN (Imperial Japanase Navy) Dive bombers. Her memorial was finished in the 1960's.

She was armed with the main armament of 4 turrets and in each turret was 3- 14 IN cannons.
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Postby jtracks » Tue May 05, 2015 1:41 pm

I've been to the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. It was a very somber experience. If you ever get to the island of Oahu, the entire Pearl Harbor area is a must see.

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