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Postby Ludwig von wigbearer » Tue Jun 11, 2019 11:02 am

Hi all, i have a few Taigen tanks fitted with the T5 boards but without the anti track recoil switch, does anyone have experience of this board and does it work, thanks for any advice :thumbup:


Store description.
"This circuit board to reset the tank action recoil during shooting.
You know the problem with the Heng Long tanks? When you shoot, the complete tank make a recoil?This module prevents the recoil of all tanks, the recoil of the gun action recoil naturally persists. (if you have this system)

The module only works with the following boards RX-18 and TX-14 from Heng Long / 2.4GHz Taigen. You need a soldering iron and a screwdriver because you must solder 3 points. This module is without shrink tubing."

regards john

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