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Postby 43rdRecceReg » Wed Jan 13, 2021 12:37 pm

Meter rat wrote:
43rdRecceReg wrote:
jarndice wrote:My travels indicate that the further north one goes on this island the more often "Londoner"is preceded by "Fu**ing" :haha:
I wonder if that refers to matter's historical !!!


Despite the historic militant representation of Highlanders, Shaun, and the fact that the invading Highland Army got as far as Derby, before turning back (probably couldn't find any whiskey there :lolno: )
you'll find very little bias up here. Modern Highlanders follow an ancient Celtic tradition of hospitality, and probably wouldn't add adjectives like that to descriptions of the 'Sassenach' (Saxons).
It's a very different story doon in Glasgow, however, where phrases preceded by the 'eff' word are more liberally used even than in Dublin's "feckin' '' fair city. Having visited Dublin (gaelic for 'Black-pool', incidentally :D ), I can attest to that.
By the way, as a devout atheist, I wouldn't have been too keen to follow someone who wanted to reintroduce catholicism, knew nothing about Scotland, spoke no Gaelic (then the language to know in the Highlands), and who did a runner when the going got tough... :shh:

Trust me. There's whisky in Derby. We even have a distillery. Look up Shining Cliff. My barrel is safely ensconced there. The reason why they turned home at Derby is. It was dole day, so they had to get home.

:haha: Aye, but there was nae a dram to be had in 1745 Looks like your fairly recent distillery's moved over to producing Gin, now :) The setting, in the Peaks, is rather pretty, though. :thumbup:
I once visited Matlock and (appropriately these days), the Black Death Plague Village of Eyam (1665/66) The heroic villagers there knew about keeping others safe, by imposing their own quarantine. Many died, but prevented the spread to other areas. We could all learn from their example. :|
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Postby Meter rat » Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:13 pm

They are still making Whisky. First lot was put in barrels only two years ago. Mine is still 9 years off being bottled. The whisky is made on two days then the gin is made on three days, as it doesn't need keeping, so helps keep money coming into the business. Max the owner is a former colleague where I used to work. Been in Eyam, and Hartington today for work. Some of the stories of the sacrifices made by the villages of Eyam, makes your heart weep. As you say, we could all learn a thing or two from them.

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