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Postby General Jumbo01 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:23 pm

I've always advised people to always buy using PayPay when buying from unknown suppliers, such as eBay sellers, simply so you have the added buyer protection they claim to provide. This is also, btw, my reason for not using Amazon's market traders as Amazon washes their hands of any responsibility for such traders and does not allow you to pay by PayPal (as l found to my cost last year).

Three weeks ago l was searching for something on Google and found what l wanted on what appeared to be a UK site for a very good price, around £90. It also offered 10% off if you used Master Card, so l did. Having entered my card details l was told the transaction had failed so instead used PayPal.

Returning to the site about 10 minutes later to see what else was there l noticed that the descriptions of the items followed the same format as that of EBay and imediately became suspicious.... So l called my bank at 22.30 and spoke to a lady who confirmed that my bank card had just been used in the US for s large sum for car parts, the transaction being stopped by their fraud software. My card was cancelled and a new one issued.

My suspicions confirmed l contacted PayPal to stop their payment too but they only work 9-5 Mon - Fri so could not progress it. I waited until last week then claimed a refund on-line, expecting a long wait. However, today they contacted me to advise they had credited me with a full refund.

So, why am l boring you with this dull story? Simply because PayPals protection DOES work and l'd like to see us all benefit :thumbup:
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Postby jarndice » Sun Mar 22, 2020 6:22 pm

When you have suffered a bad experience or hear of a friends bad experience it is comforting to know that not all financial institutions are happy to sell you down the river but actually are on your side.
This is a very welcome heads up,
BTW I long ago resolved to have no dealings with Amazon after being ripped off and lied too by Amazon itself not some neer do well scammer.
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