Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

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Postby General Jumbo01 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 3:12 pm

I'm guessing that most of us are mechanical / engineering / technically minded so enjoy anything to do with any kind of motorsport, current or historical. If so, you'll have already been to the Goodwood FoS or have watched it on TV.

Last Thursday my son took me there for a couple of days (the sunny and dry ones this year). I've done all sorts of motor sport events and too part in several if them but never the Festival of Speed. Firstly the size of the Goodwood House grounds is huge, bigger than most grand prix circuits. There are many circuits there to cater from all sorts of motor sport and all are active all 4 days. The crowds of all nationalities and ages are matched only by the endless acres of car parks.

The is free transport around the car parks, free transport between the many gates around the estate and free golf buggy transport within the estate which you can flag down or order from any info booth. There are food facilities all over, both simple and reasonably priced or silly (lobster sandwiches and champers!). Loos and water stations are good plentiful too. The volunteer staff are very pleasant and helpful too.

Now the cars. There are thousands of cars there to see close up and wander around, most worth £M plus or more. Manufacturer stands are all over too, mist using the event to release new models or prototypes. I showed interest in the V8 Jaguar F-type and i-pace and now have 21 invitations fro dealers to test drive them, some over a weekend!

The best way to see what its like is to watch the coverage available now on U-Tube or Sky / ITV4 this week but, as they say, you need to be there.

Not cheap but you are treated like a VIP and it knocks spots off of any other motor sport event I've experienced - grand prix, Indy, LeMans, the lot.

I've not posted and pics or vids as there are just too many to pick just a few out!
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