Tamiya elevation unit

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Postby percy1510 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:05 pm

This might save someone some money. I have repaired a Tamiya elevation unit using gears from a heng long elevation unit. The Tamiya unit is from a Pershing but I think that they are universal. A couple of the gears are stripped and the clutch gear is broken. I took apart a heng long elevation unit. It is one of the white ones from a Sherman with the newer two way elevation not the old type that goes at the back of the turret. It turns out that the gears in the heng long unit are an exact fit for the ones in the Tamiya unit. I swapped out the broken gears and my Tamiya unit is good to go. Given that Tamiya parts are not easy to find while the heng long parts are cheap and easily available, I hope this tip is useful to someone

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