1/35 Tamiya M10 TD with MTM gearbox now with Video

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Postby modler » Thu Aug 04, 2022 4:14 pm

Good morning from Lakewood Ohio :)

UPDATE M10 VIDEO #1 I am driving with one hand and doing the video with the other so video is a little shaky :)
UPDATE M10 VIDEO #3 with body mounted.

My previous attempts at using this gearbox gained me experience in using these unique gearboxes and now I have a Tank with a MTM gearbox running using a M10 Tank Destroyer chassis which is very similar to a Sherman M4A4 long chassis Tank. The MTM gearbox is usually used with plastic ITL tracks. Using ITL tracks with the MTM GB has been a problem for me but I am still working on a application with ITL but in the meantime, I have a M10 in process using the stock poly tracks. I came up with a gearbox assembly technique that enhances the strength of the gearbox output axle, gearbox enclosure and finally mounting of the gearbox that allows easy removal for maintenance\repair of the gearbox.

The following application improvements make this a very interesting alternative to other gearboxes in this scale.

1. improved output axle strength via continuous metal rod through the axle.
2. mounting enclosure is secured with a tie strap that allows for disassembly\repair\motor swap etc.
3. Screw side mount using 1 micro screw with dynamic axis "floating track tension" allows some give under load and is used for default track tension setting via mounting hole location :crazy:
4. MTM\Tamiya Drive sprocket compatibility. I am using stock Tamiya Drive sprockets with poly center bushing with the MTM white plastic axle tubes to form a removable Drive sprocket that is not modified and can be used with the MTM GB as well as a Tamiya GB. I will show more detail on this Drive sprocket aspect when building the next gearbox.
5. Tank chassis\sprockets only have minor modifications and are interchangeable so gearboxes can be swapped from Tamiya to MTM and vice versa !!!

So a lot of time and development going on here as I see a lot of potential here as far as scale models being upgraded to RRC using this gearbox system.

So far I have 1 side done and testing reveals that it is a go! 8)
Modified axle assembly improves strength
Steel wire is now continuous through length of axle.
IMG_8745.JPG (86.62 KiB) Viewed 92 times
Plastic gearbox is now secured with a tie strap instead of being glued together.
Front view of tie strap
Micro mounting screw shown just aft of the drive sprocket. Gearbox can pivot on this axis and can be used as track tensioner or as is for dynamic track tension dependent on load.
Pivot OUT to MAX track tension
IMG_8755.JPG (93.07 KiB) Viewed 92 times
Pivot IN to MINIMUM track tension. These particular poly tracks are old and have shrunk as time as went by and are now a "bit short" so requires MINIMUM tension. I am going to upgrade to plastic ITL on this model but for now these will do.
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Postby modler » Thu Aug 04, 2022 11:14 pm

Today was a good day as I got the other MTM built and installed and tested !!!

I took a lot of pictures during the gearbox build and will post that info here as I get time.

Video of MTM gearboxes in the M10
Runs very well with this configuration.
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Postby modler » Fri Aug 05, 2022 2:06 pm

MTM gearbox mounting details

During this build, I came up with a novel gearbox mounting method that makes this GB system relatively easy to install in small motorized 1/35 model TANK projects and easy to remove with no glue used in the GB assembly or mounting. The mounting screw location on the GB is critical as is the screw size as to prevent damage to the internals of the gearbox micro metal drive gears and metal housing. So it is a metal gearbox in a plastic housing.

I was able to mount each gearbox with 1 screw that allows a small pitch axis adjustment for fine tuning track tension and provides a dynamic variable tension. This allows a precise track tension for delicate ITL tracks and poly one piece tracks.

A wide variety of model Tanks (Tamiya\Academy as they both use the same drive sprocket interface with poly bushing that makes the sprockets removable and interchangeable with respect to GB interface mount) can be used with the MTM GB with the drive sprocket interface tube and nut which makes the drive sprocket REMOVABLE.

Interfacing any drive sprocket to any gearbox can be a challenge and is perhaps the most difficult aspect of a motorized model Tank conversion. This drive sprocket\GB interface directly affects alignment to the sprocket\track and is the key to successful conversion
Mounting screw location is the key to track tension and gearbox mounting. Both problems solved with one micro screw. No glue is required to install adapter to output shaft. Resistance fit works fine for the load requirements. A small amount of CA would secure the adapter if required
White tube comes with the MTM kit. I added a plastic nut and trimmed the tube to an exact length to allow most stock Tamiya drive sprockets to interface with no mods. This will allow MTM gearbox to fit a wide variety of models. Sprocket is held on by resistance fit of poly bearing in the sprocket.
Adapter is press fit onto plastic outer layer of output shaft. A metal rod is the core of the output shaft and a bit is protruding from the black outer collar.The metal rod is continuous through the output shaft due to proper assembly of axle.
A tie strap secures the 2 piece plastic GB outer housing.
Gearbox and sprocket ready for installation. 1 hole must be drilled in an exact location on the side hull to mount the GB.
exact location of gearbox mount micro screws
Complete dual MTM GB assemblies ready for installation. As seen here is a UNIVERSAL TAMIYA\ACADEMY CONFIGURATION to fit in a wide range of models by simply drilling one hole in each side of the Hull of any Tamiya model. Step 2, install stock drive sprocket using included poly bushing.
Small amount of metal axle rod extends beyond sprocket outward center used in sprocket removal. This is optional. If stock appearance is required, this can be cut off and hole not drilled in outer sprocket center. I am changing gearboxes around a lot so I prefer this mod.
This is the heart of the gearbox and is a precise assembly. Assembly gets easier with practice. This is the missing link to the success of this gearbox, the assembly instructions which I am helping to develop for MTM.
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Postby c.rainford73 » Fri Aug 05, 2022 2:42 pm

You are the master of these micro machines :clap: very nice idea with the single screw!
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Postby modler » Fri Aug 05, 2022 10:12 pm

c.rainford73 wrote:You are the master of these micro machines :clap: very nice idea with the single screw!

Yeah, I come up with a good one now and then :D

Ok I just did a endurance run of the M10 and got to 40 minutes of continuous bench track run on a 150 mah 1s Li-poly :crazy:

This is the most efficient 1/35 Tank drive line yet. The M10 with this driveline is now my favorite "micro machine" as you put it c.rainford73.

I can not believe the low speed throttle resolution of these gearboxes, it ads to the model driving experience and I am totally impressed with how they work. I will be doing several more with this setup. I just ordered 8 gearboxes from the site. I don't get anything from this as I am just mentioning it in case anyone wants to know where to get them.

MTM website.

Latest video
IMG_8801 (1).jpg
tracks are exactly where they need to be
IMG_8801 (1).jpg (93.22 KiB) Viewed 46 times
IMG_8804.jpg (66.8 KiB) Viewed 46 times
IMG_8805.jpg (66.45 KiB) Viewed 46 times
IMG_8806.jpg (89.2 KiB) Viewed 46 times
Ready for final assembly
IMG_8810.jpg (95.52 KiB) Viewed 46 times
148 grams with MTM gearboxes! Lightest RRC 1/35 scale Tank to date
218 grams with Tamiya gearboxes.
Two of these beauties
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Postby Herr Dr. Professor » Fri Aug 05, 2022 11:07 pm

Forty minutes is a lo-o-n-g run; at least it would be for me. That's impressive, and with no plastic melty-welty! By the way, it seem you are getting the MakeThemMove electronics and gearboxes from France surprisingly quickly. How long is it taking? (I noticed that last month a parcel from Germany came to me in less time than before Covid-19.)
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