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Rookie pilot...

PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2020 6:13 am
by Tankyouverymuch
Recently bought a tank, now looking for a warbird lol, any suggestions for a warbird for a beginner's level?

Re: Rookie pilot...

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 10:06 pm
by Will01Capri
Typically i wouldnt advise anything scale or war bird like or anything with any real value or what may be painful to see ditched or broken.
If I were looking for a trainer rc plane I would go for so.ething with high wing and is relatively cheap and light. Nitro is always cool, but the brushless offerings are great
Learn the ropes and progress slowly. A war bird or other scale aircraft are fun, but flying to scale typically requires alot more effort and experience.

I have a garage full of rc planes but I been out of it for over 12 years. Only a few months ago I dusted off the gliders and took them for a spin, I am very rusty. I myself am not happy at the prospect of starting up the nitro or expensive planes just yet.
Take it slow and go find your local model flying field and get to know them and they should guide you through and introduce you to flying.
If they are anything like people at my last field they will help you with setting up and teaching you.
Good luck and enjoy

Re: Rookie pilot...

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 11:03 pm
by jarndice
If you want an r/c aircraft that can survive a heavy landing I would suggest an electric foamie,
Just as our Heng Longs and Taigens are Ready to Run so most electric scale foamies are almost ready to fly,
Quite literally a foamie is an aircraft fashioned from Polystyrene, before you scoff there is a lot of detail incorporated into it and carbon fibre is a constituent part of many of them,
Some require expertise to get the best from them but there are some very nice scale warbirds that are well within the ability's of a "Rookie pilot".
Combined with an electric motor and a Li-Po you can actually possess a reliable, airworthy and crash absorbent aircraft AND your Radio will work just fine with it so that's one less expense :thumbup:
Think of the price of of a mid range Taigen Tank and you will find a wide range of types and scales.
Go to --------------
and tick ARTF (Almost Ready to Fly) a world of aviation will open up before you.
Wheelspin are a good and reliable dealer, anything marked as "Shadow Stock" will be available if the dealer is given a couple of weeks notice.