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Postby jarndice » Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:34 pm

I rarely buy a complete Tank anymore instead I buy a Metal Hull and an ABS Body and a Metal Turret,
I use aftermarket everything else so I have the Chinese made silhouette but I am in control of the component quality,
But my pleasure is more in building than driving and fighting them,
You have highlighted the problems that I have less control over and that is large scale R/C Aircraft.
The DHC2 when I started with the unboxing of the various parts I found the Fuselage was a one piece structure unfortunately the Rudder control rod to the servo was disconnected and there was no access,
So with caution I cut out the Passenger door, It was easier than I expected so I did the same to the opposite door,
I relocated the control rod then stripped out the interior and did a proper job with proper seats in the correct pattern and colours,
A complete repaint of the interior as well as Seat belts, a proper control wheel and radio and electronics panel and neo-dymion magnets to hold the doors shut,
The accessibility to the interior gave me the chance to fit a speed controller to the Flap wiring,
A modification I would recommend.
I find that with both the Aircraft and the Armour re-soldering joints is best done when the build starts rather than finding out too late how awful Chinese soldered joints are.
It is finished in the camo paint and markings of an Aircraft in the British Army Air Corps complete with the correct colour spinner "Scarlet", the Registration of "XP 806" identifies it as the Beaver from which I did my first freefall :/

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