1/16 Flak 36 88mm

This section is for builds that are not strictly Tamiya or Heng Long. For instance, replacing the electronics from a WSN or Matorro, or even a scratch-build.

Postby Will01Capri » Thu Apr 08, 2021 1:17 pm

General Jumbo01 wrote:"Be fun watching someone hide the wiring, but all possible". Yes Will, l had considered that but then realised that you will be embedding all the required wiring in the printing process ;)

Well, someone has to do it!! :/

Some of them yes, others might be more difficult. I cannot begin to think how IR guys will hide the wires, but they can worry about that.
The recoil and elevation wiring may hide down inside, but there is no slip ring installed here, so caution will have to be used upon installation.
Will have better idea when i get the first prototype fully operational :)
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