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Postby Son of a gun-ner » Tue Sep 15, 2020 9:54 am

Jimster September Winner.

1/16th Initial Production Tiger1.

Mr Jimster aimed at reproducing a very accurate initial production Tiger of the 502nd which was among the first 9 or so Tigers to see combat around September 19th 1942 in Russia. 
The Tiger is mostly a Taigen (5% Heng Long) with Mato tracks, Elmod Fusion Pro/ Radiomaster TX16S and DKLM PDSGB.

The video at the end is a compilation of some of his favorite clips. In the final scene you can see how he uses his radio, including using the left slider to turn the commander’s head back and forth. He has also painted the main gun trigger red for fun of it.

The build thread.
My Tiger Tank Project - RC Tank Warfare


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