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Postby Son of a gun-ner » Wed May 15, 2019 7:26 pm

lmcq11 May combined format Winner.

1/16th Soviet BMP-1 in Afghanistan deployment.

This model has the following features;
- Ludwigs prototype of a 1/16 BMP-1 hull base kit, including bare turret, roadwheels, side skirts, hatches, all modified for completeness, fit and accuracy.
- Clark T-34 TK-22 control board with Flysky receiver
- Turret rotation, gun elevation, gun recoil, gun sound and flash, coax MG Flash and sound
- Scratch built detailed interior of crew compartment, including rotating turret basket
- Headlights and interior lighting
- Heng Long gearbox
- VS 1/24 Sherman hard tracks with scratchbuilt Tamiya Centurion/HL sprocket and T-90 idler half.
- All details scratch built
- Opening hatches
- Maim 1/16 T-72 Soviet tank crew
- Kirin 1/16 Soviet VDV Afghanistan figure highly modified for Soviet infantry riders
- Finished in Tamiya acrylics and Mig pigments.

Build thread.
BMP-1 IFV - Soviet army, Afghanistan 1980s - Build - RC Tank Warfare
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