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Postby tracersmart » Fri Oct 11, 2019 7:55 pm

I bought a Clark’s universal servo recoil unit and elevation kit to fit in my H/L Stug upper deck. It’s low profile so it saves space so the gun can be elevated without hitting other electronics crammed in the tight space.

However, the Clarks servo wire connectors are different to H/L, there are three wires per servo when H/L had two per servo, and I have two servos to hook up - one for recoil, one for elevation. I have a H/L 2.4 MFU.

Does anyone know how to wire this in? Will the 2.4 MFU drive the servos?

Many thanks.

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Postby 43rdRecceReg » Fri Oct 11, 2019 8:29 pm

I wasn't aware that Heng Long had any servos in the systems, at least not in any of the models of theirs that I have. They have dc motors powering the elevation, turret rotation, and other features. These normally require only two wires: + and -
Taigen use a (three wire) servo in the gun recoil mechanism fitted to their airsoft Tiger 1 models, but otherwise, they also use dc motors not servos. V3 electronic systems (Taigen) and v.6.0 systems from HL are more advanced, and in Taigen's case allow the use of aftermarket transmitters and receivers.
Unless things have changed, however, using servos on Taigen and HL models will require an aftermarket controller (and receiver) such as the IBu2, Asp, Elmod or one from the Clark TK series. Hope this helps. :wave:
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