Battle of Amiens Centenary 8th August

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Postby Will01Capri » Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:51 pm

Today marks the centenary of the Battle of Amiens in WW1.
8th August 1918 the Battle started which marked a turning point in the war for peace.

Taken from The Guardian
By Jove, the war’s coming to an end'

They will be remembered

It was also a day where '500' tanks went into battle on that day.
Do we have some great WW1 tank.model pictures to share?
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Postby Pak36 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:41 am

Personally...I wish the 'news' would stop doing this sort of thing in the way they do. They hype up things like this and spout a load of rubbish about what went on....ignoring the true facts, and for me, spoiling the true tales of the soldiers who had to go through this terrible period.

The Battle of Amiens suddenly has become this huge pivotal event that turned the tide of war....

Not really. What had really happened was the last big German push had failed with massive losses on both sides, draining the last trained and experienced reserves. The allies were recieviong fresh troops from across the Atlantic in increasing numbers, and the US troops had started to learn how to fight a modern war in the machine gun age.

For me, it's military significance was the final realisation from the British High Command that tanks worked best without a massive artillery bombardment, and not to deply them in penny packets, but in bulk and on a broad front.

The news keeps talkingt about a 'terror weapon' that the Germans had no answer to....apart from 'K' ammo and firing artillery over open sights....K ammo had been ontroduced the year before, and was hte main reason the British increased the armour on the Mk IV to give some protection.

There are many tales of herosim, untold stories of bravery, and the see-saw of military technology. The main protagonists were exhausted by 4 years of slaughter, and Germany had made it's last gamble and lost, with the use of 'Sturm Truppen' laying the foundations for what would come 30 years later. Attrition finally ground the war to an end 3 months later, with even greater casualties as the troops fired off stocks of shells to avoid the hassle of carting them home.

I just don't understand why the 'news' reporters can't report the truth. It's far more interesting than the glorified fiction they are feeding the masses right now. With hindsight, it is clear the war was coming to an end without Amiens. The Allies were trying to retake the ground they had lost....won the previous year with massive cost.

I'll shut up now.

I get triggered by the urgent need to mythologise the past to take peoples minds off the present and stir up patriotic nationalism.

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