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Hi guys,
I would like to buy an IBU2 ultimate module because it is produced in Italy and I would have already programmed it with the FlySky radio control and also at a good price. But I am undecided because I am also interested in the Elmod card. Difference between the two? For the sounds, which one is the most realistic?
I thank in advance who can help me.

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Postby 43rdRecceReg » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:21 am

I guess, at one time the Elmod controller was the bee's knees of aftermarket modules: those that completely replace a tank's stock electronics, that is. IBU2 has been evolving nicely, however, and has its staunch supporters; just as Elmod users have an almost unshakeable faith in its versatility and quality.
Irrespective of the installed sounds (and both units offer some configuration options), authenticity can be affected badly by the installed speaker, and or the box it is fitted in. Both can be the weakest link. :think:
The base IBU2U has functions limited by having only four operational channels. An upgrade to full option (up to 10 channels?), requires you to buy an upgrade key. It will also require a transmitter and receiver combo with more than 4 channels.
To some extent, the authenticity of a sound effect can be subjective. Tamiya, for example, says that the sound of its King Tiger is from a digital recording of the Saumer Museum KT engine. It ought to be more convincing than any other; but is it? If you've never heard the sound of a V-12 Maybach 230 engine, it will be hard to judge. :|
The Elmod Fusion unit (rev F) also comes in 2 flavours: Fusion Pro and Fusion Eco
here's a link for those wishing to compare features: ... 72gm511jl1
and for IBU2:
One advantage, as I see it, that the Elmod unit has over IBU2 is that (with an adaptor harness) it can run Tamiya Full-Option tanks with no changes to the hardware- with the exception of the xenon unit.
So far as I'm aware, this is not the case with the IBu2. However, both are compatible with the Tamiya TBU (IR Battle unit). Computer compatibility might be an issue worth checking ( I use a Mac, and it's not as easy to configure the IBU2 with one or, at least, that used to be the case.)
Finally, if I were you, and had the option of a fully-configured IBu2U setup, including TX and RX- I'd be happy to go for it. Support for the unit is excellent (Ian our resident IBU2 wizard and retailer AKA 'Tankbear'.. ). :thumbup:
I imagine it's good for Elmod too; but I can't say, as i have yet to try one out. :think: Hope this helps in some way.
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