Leopard 2 and Sherman bits wanted.

Is there anything in particular that you want? Ask for it here and see if anybody has what you're looking for.

Postby tomhugill » Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:20 am

Hey folks

On the scrounge I'm afraid. I'm hoping some one might have some of the following in their bits box which they're not using.

For the Sherman I'm after the head light clear parts sprue and one half of the tail light assembly (or a whole one if you've got it)

I'm also after the a parts sprue, a Pershing recoil and the recoil stay for the super Sherman

For the leopard two I'm after some smoke launchers, the flat surround for the gunners left hand hatch (looking from behind) an mg 34 a wing mirror and one of the engine vent covers and the photo etch grilles that go in them

On the leo HL parts should work (aside from the etch grills and the engine cover)

I know Axel's have the sprues but I'd rather pay some one for the individual parts and ideally not pay Axel's exorbitant shipping!
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