T34 76 or kv2 turret or lower hull for t34 1/16

Is there anything in particular that you want? Ask for it here and see if anybody has what you're looking for.

Postby siegfried » Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:53 pm

I am working on a couple of conversion projects at the mo, I want to fit an earlier production T34 76 or 1942 hex turret on the HL or torro/ Taigen hull, trumpeter model ones are great if anyone has that t34 model for sale . Also looking at fitting the kv 2 turret to a HL kv1. Last want is a T34 lower hull, Taigen, HL or torro/wsn. Complete tanks or for spares repairs also great, just PM me what you have and prices. I am in the U.K. Cheers guys.

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