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Postby rolling-thunder » Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:25 pm

I might be a bit early with this thread but having found a building online i'd like to replicate in 1/16th Scale I started with the research. Reading this forum I found this link {oh heaven}. I don't really think it matters if the materials are 1/12th scale if the construction is 1/16. Doors & Windows & furniture will be 1/16 scale.
It is my intention to use Stone, wood & Tile to build the building & i'm going to search for half moon metal guttering & tube to make gutters & down pipes for the building.
I'm in no rush & i'll be using as close to real building techniques as I can. It is my intention to draw up a blueprint after I have bought the required windows & doors. Door & window sills will be finished stone & the building materials will be rough faced Sandstone ... ng/l4501ys mortared together with this It is my intention to build the building on a 3 x 2 stone flag {so it's going to be heavy} as recommended to me by my Brother who is a Builder & helped build the local model village. Once a couple of layers of stone have been laid floor joist will be fitted & floor boarding fitted using pins as nails. Once the whole floor is sanded building will continue until I reach where the upper floor Joists will need to be fitted. The inner walls will then be plastered & painted & furniture fitted in place & stairs added. Once i'm at that point the joists will be fitted & floor boards added. When I get to the roof any internal fittings will be added before the rafters will be added. Roof felt will be added & then baton added before the tiles go on ... es/l1013ov . Pins will be used for nails through out the construction & the roof tiles will need holes drilling for fixing points. As a rough guide I counted the tiles on the pictured models roof & I estimate around 1400 tiles to roof such a small structure {explains why I didn't try a larger building to begin with?} . I'm not adverse to using super glue to fix or help fix certain things in place, as long as it isn't noticeable at the end of the build?
I haven't fully decided if I will be installing lighting within the building as once it is built it will be placed in my Garden as I don't have to space to display such a large heavy item. It also explains why I wish to build using Stone & wood?
Apparently in the model village my Brother helped with all buildings were built on paving flags to ease construction & help the buildings last. Of course they were build using a different faster method which will be my follow up post.
Some people may question the materials i'll be using but I want to see how realistic I can make this building & how long it will last. Once finished the door and windows will be masked off & a clear coat will be applied to help protect the stone work & roofing from the weather but basically the building will just be left in place to weather and age naturally {occasionally cleared of leaves & dirt}. If I install electric it will only be in the form of LEDs run from a battery box which may well be kept in an attached wooden outhouse?
Hopefully i'll be able to update this post next year once I start the build but if any one has sources for scale guttering then i'll be grateful. I might even attempt to make the wooden doors & frames myself if I can find the fittings.
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Postby rolling-thunder » Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:30 pm

Following on from my post above I intend building a Church using the more usual model building methods. I'm trying to avoid a hotfuzz vibe with my Church but this will be installed in what will become my Tank running area with in my Garden. I'm not actually trying to make a battlefield village, this is just trying different things out for my own pleasure but then I might as well put them where i'm going to be playing with my Tanks.
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This picture gives an idea of the scale of these buildings
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