RC tank sale (the Brits wot woot

Please post here if there is anything that you want to sell.

Postby tomhugill » Wed Nov 24, 2021 6:47 pm

Its time to move on some of my tanks. I'm listing up all my finished ones, however if I sell enough I may end the sale early, so if there's something catches your eye pm me or drop a message in this thread.

All tanks are preferred for local collection, however I will post world wide at the buyers cost and risk.

1. Cromwell
- Built to a high standard from Ludwig's kit
- Metal suspesnion arms
- Metal tracks
- Rubber tyres on CNC wheels with bearings
- Ludwig high detail sprockets
- Metal idlers
- Henntec idler adjuster
- Asiatam brass low profile gears
- Clark tk40 sbus
- FR7 in custom enclosure
- Servo recoil
- Led flash
- Hidden battle system
- Hidden emitter in mantlet with plug in besa machine gun when not battling
- Masses of brass scale hardware (hinges, bolts etc)
- Lots of shapeways detail parts
- Resin commander figure painted to high standard



2. Firefly VC.
- Properly stretched lower hull
- DGS firefly conversion
- Metal suspension
- Metal wheels
- Metal sprockets
- Mato t49 duckbill tracks
- Steel gears
- Clark tk60 with firefly sound (dgs exclusive)
- Servo recoil
- Led flash
- Working front and rear lights
- Hidden battle system (emitter and reciever)
- FR7 speaker enclosure
- 3 man resin crew finished to a high standard
- Schumo scope guards
- Working hatches
- 3d printed Periscopes
- resin printed tow hitch, rear storage box, 1st aid box, antennas.
- Nick Aguilar fire extinguishers
- Tamiya head lights, tail lights, guards and tools



3. Firefly IC hybrid
- Mato metal lower hull
- Mato metal bogies and wheels
- Mato t74 duck bill tracks
- Mato V2 steel ball bearing gearboxes
- Custom resin composite upper hull
- Resin low bustle turret
- Dklm servo recoil and elevation
- Hidden emiter an tbu base
- Tamiya speaker
- IBU3 control board
- Schumo scope guards
- Schumo tow cable
- Loads of hull details
- Resin commanerd figure
- Opening hatches
- Metal Churchill aplique track armour



4. Towable 17lber field anti tank gun
- Metal barrel
- Carriage opens out to deploy or closes to tow
- Rolls nicely for towing



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