Huge RC tank sale (zee Germans)

Please post here if there is anything that you want to sell.

Postby tomhugill » Wed Nov 24, 2021 5:56 pm

Hey folks,

Its time to move on some of my tanks. I'm listing up all my finished ones, however if I sell enough I may end the sale early, so if there's something catches your eye pm me or drop a message in this thread.

All tanks are preferred for local collection, however I will post world wide at the buyers cost and risk.

1) Taigen/Mato early tiger
- Mato full metal chassis
- Mato v3 steel ball raced gears
- Mato metal wheels, tracks, idlers and sprockets.
- Taigen upper, metal hatches, metal barrel.
- Servo recoil
- Led flash
- Coaxial mg
- FR7 speaker and custom enclosure
- Clark tk80 sbus
- Gary Farrow paint job.





2. Torro king tiger
- Mostly metal torro tiger (metal chassis, running gear, turret)
- schumo mg34 and mount
- schumo tow cable mounts
- schumo tow cables
- mk 3m antenna
- mk star antenna
- shapeways fuel breathers
- shapeways fire extinguisher
- shapeways tool clamps
- fine line hull mg34
- Servo recoil and elevation
- Led flash
- Hidden battle system with reciever and indicator lights in cupola and emitter in turret face
- Clark tk60 s bus control board
- PDSGB double differential gearbox



3. January 1944 tiger

- Taigen torsion bar lower
- Taigen metal running gear (tracks, wheels, sprockets, idlers).
- PDSGB double differential gearbox
- Clark tk80s control board
- Servo recoil
- Led flash
- Hidden battle emitter and reciever
- Hobby boss upper hull and back plate
- Extensive photo etch
- Real wood tool handles
- Atak zimmerit
- Etch grills
- Aber fire extinguisher
- Mk 3m antenna
- Fr7 speaker box



4. 1944 Italy Elefant
- Ludwig CNC metal chassis
- Asiatam metal suspension arm
- Asiatam metal wheels
- Asiatam metal sprocket and idler
- Asiatam metal tracks
- Taigen V2 ball raced 4 shaft gearboxes
- Hooben upper hull
- Servo recoil, elevation and traverse
- Led flash
- Working convoy light
- Atak zimmerit
- Extra detail on the upper hull such as weld beads, flame cut marks, missing details on the engine deck
- 3x crew members including a Kelly's heros tiger commander
- mk 3m antenna
- Fine line mg34 my
- Custom speaker enclosure



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Postby Spinnetti » Sun Nov 28, 2021 5:03 am

I'm across the pond, and scratch building (in 1/12 scale) but those are some damn fine looking models. I wish I could paint and weather 1/100th as good as that!

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Postby Xiaoshan_Sailor » Sun Nov 28, 2021 7:18 am


Sure I can't convince you to personally deliver that Elephant to Hangzhou where it was born?

Dinner & drinks are on me after you get out of that 3 week quarantine! :D

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