RC tank sale (the modern ones)

Please post here if there is anything that you want to sell.

Postby tomhugill » Wed Nov 24, 2021 8:15 pm

Hey folks

Its time to move on some of my tanks. I'm listing up all my finished ones, however if I sell enough I may end the sale early, so if there's something catches your eye pm me or drop a message in this thread.

All tanks are preferred for local collection, however I will post world wide at the buyers cost and risk.

1. Tamiya leopard 2a6

- upgraded metal swing arms
- upgraded metal idler adjuster
- dklm mg3
- Resin 3 man crew painted to a high standard
- TBU base and Hidden emitter
- Painted and weathered to a high standard



2. Op Telic challenger 2

- Henglong based
- Reinforced chassis (resin and alloy)
- Metal suspension arms
- Metal wheels
- Metal sprockets and idlers
- Metal rubber pad tracks
- Metal idler arms (adjustable tension)
- PDSGB double differential gearbox
- WCP FR7 speaker box
- Clark tk-60spg2 (with 2 axis stabilisation)
- 360 slip ring for all wiring
- LED flash
- Clark rotation unit with deck level switch
- Armoured models servo recoil and elevation conversion
- Armoured models chobham add on armour
- Armoured models lenses
-Armoured models drivers window detail
- Dklm sand skirts
- Rubber fenders
- Resin printed coaxial chain gun
- Hidden IR emitter in TOGS
- 2x Armoured models crew figures with magnets to secure them
-magnetically secured upper hull and turret
- Scratch built antennas
- Printed identification panels



3. Tamiya leopard 2a4
- Built from Ludwig conversion to a high standard
- Afv modellbau metal wheels
- Afv modellbau metal idlers
- Afv modellbau idler adjust
- AFV modellbau mg3 and mount
- 3 person resin crew painted to a high standard
- All scopes glazed
- Welds represented
- Turret top held on with magnets
- Hidden emitter
- Tbu base
- Spinning effect beacon light

Price: Make me an offer.


4. Tamiya chilean m51

- Tamiya Sherman based
- Super Sherman turret
- Nick Aguilar resin upper hull
- Nick Aguilar resin transmission cover
- Schumo resin Jerry cans and etch holder
- Schumo two rope and mounts
- Schumo Stowage bins
- Schumo travel lock
- Schumo engine hatch
- Schumo oil reservoirs
- Schumo brush guard supports
- East coast armoury NATO black out light
- East coast armoury phone box
- East coast armoury Aux generator
- East coast armoury grab handle
- Resin printed engine deck
- Resin printed 30 cal mount
- Resin 30cal
- Dklm antenna
- Scratch build exhaust cover
- Working lights
- Tbu base and Hidden emitter
- Clark tk60 sbus board
- Servo recoil
- Led flash
- Tamiya speaker
- Loads of scratch built details, chains for retaining pins and on spoke launchers. Scratch built rear stowage bin etc etc.
- Custom decals
- Gary Farrow paint job

Price, make me an offer.


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Postby tomhugill » Fri Nov 26, 2021 11:35 am

M51 SOLD pending payment
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