My great uncle General Konstantinos Bakopoulos

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Postby KommandantX » Sat Aug 31, 2013 9:34 pm

My great uncle Konstantinos Th. Bakopoulos (1889-1950) was a Greek General in the Hellenic Army who took part in the Balkan Wars (1912-13), played a crucial conciliatory role in Greek military politics during the 1930s and distinguished himself in the fight against the Nazis during World War II. In 1943 he was imprisoned in German concentration camps until the end of the war in 1945 (with four other generals, including General Alexander Papagos, a future Prime Minister). He wrote a book about his imprisonment " I Omiria ton pente Antistratigon" (The hostage taking of the five Generals)Η-Ομηρία-των-πέντε-Αντιστρατήγων

My son, now just over 6 years old carries his name. From his mother's side, her grand father served with the Paras and fought in Arnhem, while her brother is currently in the Paras.

Dr Chris Bakopoulos
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nice to have someone of distinction in the family ? i have some one in my family of distinction in my mind not famouse or known lost in the great war so he is someone of distinction to me...... wot wot old chap


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