Father and Uncles in WWII

The purpose of this board is to post information and pictures of the family members who served have served in any kind of service to their country. In this way we can honour their memory and service.

Postby ChieftainMk1 » Tue Jul 14, 2020 5:26 pm

Hi everyone. I'm Colin, ex Corporal, Recce Troop, D Squadron, 4th Royal Tank Regiment, from a line of Tankies and Donkey wallopers. My father was Herbert James Marsh, Sergeant, 4th Hussars, 7th Armoured Brigade, repairing Grants through the desert in North Africa, through Italy, finishing the war in Austria.
His brother, Frank, Sergeant Armourer, 3rd Hussars, saw his service in India before the war, then north Africa, then to the middle East where he saw out the War.
His older brother, Bill, just missed the Great War, joining the 4th Battalion, The Tank Corp in 1920. Then too old to serve in 1939, but served as Lieutenant in the Wingham Battalion, Kent Branch of the Home Guard.
2 Great Uncles (Infantry) died in the Great War.
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Postby 43rdRecceReg » Tue Jul 14, 2020 8:50 pm

Thanks for the Tanker genealogy, Colin! I think this Forum is a natural fit for an ex-squaddie with your background, and you'll find many others who have been in the mob, on RCTW. That's not to forget ex-servicemen from the US, and many locations around this now diseased Globe.
Recce regiments in my Dad's and Uncle's (WW2) day mostly consisted of Humber, and other armoured cars, sporting the humble 2-pounder. The Bren (Universal) Carrier was also used to lob 3in mortars, and spray .303 rounds, at suspected enemy positions, in order to stir up, and then identify the enemy positions. Quite a day job to get shot at first, eh? You would have something a bit more potent.
Hope you can translate the tanker pedigree into a fulfilling tank model hobby :thumbup:
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