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Postby wibblywobbly » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:40 pm

The moderation team have decided to re-open the Master Class section. We now have several exceptional builds, due to how this hobby has progressed over the years.

It will however undergo some changes.

1. The voting system will be removed. It hasn't been utilised for a long while.
2. The Master Class is for the benefit of this forum, so we felt that we should select those builds that have an extensive build thread.


Eligibility will be based upon the build threads that will benefit our members in their search for perfection on their own builds.
The Master Class will highlight selected builds and will make it easier to find them.

The Master Class will be totally separate from the Tank of The Month, and may include exemplary builds that were never entered. The moderators will identify the Master Class builds, and add them to the section. It may not be a regular thing, it will only be those super scale builds with detailed build threads that will be considered.
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