Taigen/Imex M4a3 76mm Sherman now in stock

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Postby forgebear » Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:36 pm

Taigen/Imex M4a3 76mm Sherman now in stock. This is the infra red version and comes with metal tracks, metal VVSS suspension (metal wheels with rubber tyres the wheels have bearings in ), metal sprockets and idlers. Also included are black steel gears, smoker, speaker, Taigen wiring (ready to take the Taigen board). There is a metal turret with recoil,and flash unit plastic upper deck and roller bearings on the 360 turret. However, this tank does NOT have a full electrical system and can be fitted with electrics of your own choice. Of course the Taigen 2.4 system should just plug in as all the wiring for that is present.
The tank is unpainted and comes in plain packaging in an attempt to keep the costs down as well as to allow you to have your own choice of camo and sound. Complete tanks retail on Ebay at around £500 from sellers in the USA. Our tanks (unpainted and without electrics) are £395 plus £15 post, customs cleared, so no extra fees to pay. Any questions, please ask.
taigen 76 sherman (2).JPG
taigen 76 sherman (4).JPG
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