Need help for Tiger II Porsche turret.

Please post King Tiger camo patterns here.

Postby FredtheFrench » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:37 pm

Hello guys.

I need help for informations about the last Tigers II with Porsche turret.

The fighting place/ country ?
What Schwere Abteilung ?
And if you have, pictures or camo scheme.

Since few days I search on internet, but the last Porsche turret I can find, was at Arnhem in september 1944..., with 2 colours camo.

But tonight, I found on Peddinghaus decals differents models for Porsche turret in 1945, but when I research on internet, the pictures I can found are for Henschel turret...

I m lost, please......, help me ( I don t want the winter camo of Anneliese).

My Tiger 2 Porsche need to be end of 1944 to the end of war...

Thank you for help !!!!
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