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How to open and remove the HL-Tiger tracks

PostPosted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:55 am
by birger
Hi guys,

in this article you see, how to open and remove the tracks of your Tiger. You have two possibilities.

1. Open the tracks:

That´s very simple. Just use a thin, pointed needle or one of the spare track pins to push the track pin out of the track. Do it always from the outside to the inside, because the inside head of the pin is rough. You can remove it only in one direction. After pushing the pin out, you just can remove the pin by further pulling it until it is free.



Now you can remove the track.

To uptake the tracks just do it the other way round.

2. Without open the tracks:

The pictures are from another thread, so the tracks are already gone. But the procedure is the same.


Use a small screwdriver to lift the center lid.



The shape of screws can vary. Unscrew it.

Gently force the sprocket from the drive shaft – there is enough clearance to extract the drive sprocket while the tracks are left in a continuous loop.

Tension the front road wheel allows removal


Reverse procedure to reassemble.


For a lot more help with your Heng Long Tiger I tank, follow the below link ...