Taigen Panther F.

This board contains easy-to-do fixes on your new tanks from stock. This will hopefully help beginners to get the accuracy they want from their models.

Postby ronnie42 » Fri Jan 10, 2020 10:45 pm

If you want to turn the toy into a reasonable tank here is what needs done. 1 no gunners sight aperture on F . 2 mantlet sticks out from turret. 3 the elevation unit has little travel.4 you can fit the debris guard but its no use mantlet wrong shape and wrong position . To fix the gun pivots need to be 10 mm closer to front of turret, reshape the mantlet or make one and sort out elevation and depression The gas detection brackets too thick, 20 mm scale should thinner. All the above is why this tank has been sitting in a corner for a few years a lot of work to fix. Don't think HL/Taigen have ever paid to go and measure up any tank they have made for joe public

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