Patton vs The Panzers by Steve Zaloga and Tiger Tracks by Wo

Please post useful reference books that you may have here. Please give a short description with each link.

Postby PainlessWolf » Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:40 pm

Neither of these two books are really Reference books but Steve Zaloga's offering is once again crammed with rare photos of armor from actual war engagements. Wolfgang Faust's Tiger Tracks is supposed to be anecdotal from action seen during the War yet it reads summat like an adventure novel. Caution, it does not shy away from the results when frail humanity confronts tons of mobile steel. Enjoy either or both since the cost is low for each from Amazon or Barnes and Nobel. Pics:
Nifty new books.JPG
Nifty new books
An example of the photography from Zaloga's book..JPG
An example of the photography from Zaloga's book.
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